Sebastopol in May Sunset Magazine

A copy of May’s Sunset magazine just happen to fall into my lap last month – my sisters and I play musical chairs with our magazines until everyone has read them then we recycle.

Sunset does great recipes but they also do informative travel articles especially like the ones about exploring in your own neighborhood or driving to the opposite end of your state and getting to know that area. Well, Sebastopol was given a three page spread under the heading “5 Reasons You’ll Love Sebastopol”. Don’t pay attention to the part that says it’s a day trip. You all know that there’s more to do, see and eat here┬áthan one day’s worth. If you’ve never been – what’s taking you so long? If you have been – then come see what’s new or bring your bike and get some exercise while you tour the area.

Sebastopol, CA – population 7443 (2011)



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