Let Me Make This Easy for you

CA wine month
Ok, so school has started or will start soon which means you might not have any time to drive up – one hour or so from the Bay Area – to do the wine tasting you thought you would do this summer (that’s fine, I know you had planned that trip to Europe). Let me make this easy for you, visit www.wineroad.com – click onto September California Wine Month – and take a look at all the promos offered from the wineries and lodging in West County. Some go past September, so mark you calendar to visit when the crowds start thinning out. Yes, harvest season was a little early this year and yes, there are those rumors about El Nino, but as they say – life is short and then you die.
Keep in mind that Petaluma has Lagunitas and other craft beer tasting rooms within walking distance of each other – the other ‘wine’. And Sonoma County has a bunch of great places to eat – have you heard of The Secret Kitchen on Bodega Ave in Petaluma? Unpretentious, walk-up window, few outdoor benches, a mash-up of Mexican and Asian in a good way.
It’s up to you – I’ve just made it easy for ya.


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