Ellis Creek – a new Trail

It’s not usual that you open your monthly water bill and get an idea about a new trail to run, but sure enough it happened. The water bill had a newsletter enclosed with it and a small blurb there caught my eye – Wetland Trails.

Specifically the trail is called Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility, opened in July 2009, it’s a beautiful wetlands that was developed along with the water recycling facility. Yes the ponds of water that the swans, egrets and geese flock to is treated water but because it’s treated there is no smell but you shouldn’t be removing vegetation or collecting pond water.

Getting back to the trail, there is a public restroom by the trail head and parking lot. And basically there is one hard packed gravel trail that sort of loop de loops on itself along with some secondary smaller paths that it intersects. I was there running in the late morning and there were a few walkers and birders. The crunch, crunch of the gravel under my feet lulled me into my running zone. I had no worries of car traffic or barking dogs. I estimate the round trip on the main trail is about three miles and you can easily extend that to include a lap around next-door-neighbor Shollenberger Park, which is almost a two mile wetland. In the early morning this run would be a refreshing wake-up before breakfast.

Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility –  From Hwy 101 North take Lakeville Hwy East at Frates Road take a right onto Calder Lane at South McDowell take a left to Cypress Drive to the deadend where the parking lot and trail head is located.

Aerial of Ellis Creek Trail

Aerial of Ellis Creek Trail


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